post March 2012 GM: Statement by Coop BDS Organizers

We are saddened to announce that the Park Slope Food Coop will not be holding a membership-wide referendum on whether to join the international BDS movement. Many people came out tonight and spoke with bravery and conviction about the importance of continuing this conversation through the process of a referendum. In fact, our supporters have stood strong for many months now in the face of both verbal and physical assaults outside the Coop, misinformation in the Gazette, and a seemingly constant flow of media reports downplaying the strength of this movement. The vote tonight has shown us that we still have a lot of work ahead in the fight to end Israeli oppression of Palestinians. However, despite our loss in tonight’s vote, we have succeeded in one of our goals. BDS has entered into the consciousness of thousands of Coop members and has even made it into mainstream conversations thanks to the huge amount of media coverage. We remain committed to getting the facts out about the struggle for justice and the important role of BDS as a nonviolent tactic to end Israel’s brutal occupation of Palestine.