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We at Park Slope Food Coop have an opportunity few others have: to come together as a community, for our common good and for the good of the entire world. For readers finding it difficult to sort through conflicting views on Palestine and Israel, here are some suggested starting points for independent research on this important subject.

American Council for Judaism was founded over seventy-two years ago. It offers multiple
perspectives on issues important to American Jews, including those who define their Judaism according to their own personal criteria.

Americans for Peace Now deals openly with Palestinian/Israeli issues from a Jewish perspective.

Brooklyn For Peace, Israel-Palestine Committee meets to stay current on issues in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories, with the goal of encouraging peace and justice in the region. It participates in actions to bring greater awareness of events in the Middle East, and promotes the sharing of views among all Brooklynites.

B’Tselem operates an information center for human rights in Israel. B’Tselem has worked for human rights in the West Bank and Gaza for over 20 years. It envisions a future where Israelis and Palestinians will live in freedom, peace and dignity.

Breaking the Silence is an organization of Israeli soldiers who speak out about their experiences in the occupied Palestinian territories.

Democracy Now! is a weekday news program free of the dictates of corporate journalism, hosted by Amy Goodman and Juan González. In New York it airs at 8am on WBAI Free Speech Radio, 99.5 FM.

Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions is a human rights and peace organization established in 1997. It focuses on and resists Israel’s policy of demolishing Palestinian homes in the Occupied Palestinian Territory and within Israel.

Jewish Voice for Peace has regular meetings in New York. Its short animated online video asks the question, “Why are Israelis and Palestinians fighting and what is one solution?”

MachsomWatch is an organization of Israeli women who volunteer as peace activists. These women observe and report on the activities of the Israel Defense Forces at West Bank checkpoints, in Jordan Valley villages, along the separation wall, and in military courts.

Mondoweiss is a news website focused on covering American foreign policy in the Middle East from the perspective of the progressive Jewish community.

Open Hillel broke away from the main Hillel branch to encourage diversity and open discourse at campus Hillels [Jewish student organizations].

Ta’ayush, an Israeli human rights organization, includes Israelis and Palestinians working together in an attempt to end the Israeli occupation. It participates in direct actions to achieve full civil equality.

Yesh Din is an Israeli human rights organization. It uses The Universal Declaration of Human Rights from 1948 as the legal basis for correcting injustices. The organization seeks to uphold the rule of law, and monitors the law enforcement system in the Occupied Palestinian Territories.