Israeli Products At Food Coop

The brands and products below are all sold at the Coop.  Substitutes for most items, including matzo and hummus, are available here from companies outside Israel.

  • SodaStreamSodaStream
    Lots of Coop members love seltzer, but SodaStream has a production plant in the illegal settlement of Maale Adumim. Read a detailed report at
  • Sabra
    This maker of hummus and other prepared foods is co-owned by the Strauss Group, an Israeli company that has “adopted” a section of the Israeli infantry known for its human rights abuses, the Golani Brigade.
  • Ground paprikaBorn Free
  • Masada mineral salts
  • Elyon marshmallows
  • Osem Israeli couscous
  • Born Free baby products
  • Yehuda Matzos
  • Edward & Sons breadcrumbsEdward & Sons
  • Varied produce
    Among the items grown in Israel are red bell peppers and persimmons.

If the first three numbers of the bar code are 729, the product was made by Israel. However, there are also products made by Israel that do not have a bar code or use another number, such as clothing or computers.

The Coop does sell fair trade Palestinian olive oil distributed by Equal Exchange, so you may want to add that to your shopping list.

Read the label!