PAST: Vote Against Supermajority Boycott Vote 1-26-16 GM

Tuesday January 26TH @ 7 PM

St. Francis Xavier School
763 President St.
(in Park Slope between Sixth and Seventh Aves)


Dear, Park Slope Food Coop Members,

This Tues. January 26, WE NEED YOU TO COME TO VOTE at the Food Coop’s General Meeting AGAINST THE PROPOSAL FOR A SUPERMAJORITY FOR A BOYCOTT on ANY PRODUCT.  This supermajority proposal would require that “at least 75” of votes at the General Meeting would be needed for any boycott to be instituted at the Coop. 

This proposal would negatively impact ALL future calls for boycott–not just BDS-related ones! Should this proposal win, it would empower ANY dissenting minority to “win” by ONLY casting 25% of the vote to kill ANY boycott.  How is that democracy? Bring your family and friends … your voice and our votes can make the difference. This is an urgent message to members of the Park Slope Food Coop who support democracy and fairness.

Park Slope Food Coop Members for BDS asked for a vote about boycotting Sodastream in May 2015. The scheduling of that vote has been thwarted now for the last nine (9) months by what the General Coordinators claim is the impossibility of finding a reasonably priced space in which to 2000 people can meet. If the supermajority rule is instituted BEFORE a Sodastream boycott vote we will be more likely to lose a GM vote (if it is ever scheduled).

So we need you, your friends and family to come to the January General Meeting and VOTE AGAINST THE PROPOSAL FOR A SUPERMAJORITY FOR BOYCOTTS.  
If each of us bring 5 other members (or even 3) to this coming Tuesday’s GM — WE CAN DO IT!  Will you mark you calendars and send this out to your friends? AND BRING 5?

Park Slope Food Coop Members for BDS