News and Events

April 2014: Call on Zabar’s to Stop Selling SodaStream

Tuesday, April 22, 5-7 pm
Zabar’s, 2245 Broadway (at 80th St), New York

Join the NYC Coalition Against SodaStream in front of Zabar’s on Earth Day in a fun demonstration featuring songs, bubbles, and petition gathering to show Zabar’s that there’s nothing green about stealing land and resources. (Press release.)

December 2013: SodaStream Sing-Along Protest

Saturday, December 7, 2-3:30pm
Plaza outside Target at Atlantic Terminal Mall (Flatbush and Atlantic Aves, Brooklyn)

For more than a year, from California to Washington, DC, Palestine solidarity organizations have been challenging Target and other U.S. vendors asking them to stop selling SodaStream products, which are produced in an illegal Israeli settlement through the exploitation of Palestinian land, labor, and resources. (Press release.)

January 2013 General Meeting

Some Coop members brought a “discussion of boycotts” to the January 29 GM. Again they were discussing the idea that new boycotts must be approved by a super-majority: 80% on a referendum. (A similar item, brought by General Coordinator Joe Holtz, was discussed about 1 1/2 years ago to little membership support.) A second discussion focused on “a 5 year moratorium on PSFC Israel Boycott Discussions and Actions.” A third discussion was on boycott procedures. It stated: “No boycott proposal may come before the the GM without prior approval of the General Coordinators, provided that a petition signed by 51% of the Coop membership can override the decision of the General Coordinators.”

The vast majority of members who made comments at the GM spoke against such anti-democratic proposals.

March 2012 General Meeting

View the text of our presentation and the handout.

Read our statement after the vote.

In the News

BDS and the Park Slope Food Coop: Why the Vote Against Was a Win for the Boycott by Kiera Feldman (The Nation, 3/29/12)

Why I’m backing the boycott of Israel by Carol Wald (New York Daily News, 3/27/12)

Boycotting Israel: Mustafa Barghouti vs. Rabbi Arthur Waskow on BDS Movement, Palestinian Solidarity (Democracy Now, 3/26/12)

Out-FM radio segment (at 38:00) with Naomi Brussel interviewing Tara Tabassi (Out-FM, 3/20/12)

Brooklyn’s Park Slope Food Coop to take the first step towards a boycott of Israeli goods on March 27 by Carol Wald (Mondoweiss, 2/28/12)

Past Events

Food Justice & Ecological Damage in Palestine/Israel, a talk by Joel Kovel, on March 17, 2012.

Screening of the documentary Until When… on February 28, 2012.

A Child’s View from Gaza, words and art from the aftermath of the attacks on Gaza during Operation Cast Lead, on January 7, 2012.

Images of Palestine, an afternoon of visuals and discussion, on December 4, 2011.

Screening of Slingshot Hip Hop on October 15, 2011. Read the review in the November 3, 2011 issue of the Linewaiters’ Gazette (p. 7 of the PDF).